Ninjas are here! Here is the guide to the card game!:

becoming a ninja!

First, here is how to become a ninja:


lol, just kidding! Thats what the ninja says first when you come to be a ninja.

Ninja made a funny!

Here is the REAL way to become a ninja:

First go up to the ninja to talk to him ( on the pillow! )
my pimped pic!

Once you walk up to the ninja, just talk to him.

he will give you these cards:


once doing that, walk over to a mat and play! Here are the rules:

– Water beats fire.

-Snow beats water.

-Fire beats snow.

If the player that is playing you picks the same card as you, the number on the card that is the highest ends up winning.

Once you have won 5-10 wins you will get a belt by going to Sensei and selecting the “Competition Mode” option.

ways to win:

  • Have three cards of the same type, in different colors.
  • Have a different type for all 3, and different colors.

Here are the belts you can earn:


Also to become a full ninja, with much training you must beat sensi. Then you will be able to go to the secreat ninja room:


Here are the items in the ninja catalog:

  • Full ninja suit.
  • Do-Jo igloo.
  • Wall paper.
  • Stone lantern.
  • giant gong

This game seems a little like rock paper scisors.

Thats about it

Waddle on!
~ im a ligor ~

be sure to comment!

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6 Responses to “NINJAS! ©”

  1. This game is hard but i am a yellow belt whats your belt color?
    edit by im a ligor: white 😐

  2. Hey Ligor,
    Have you beaten Sensei? Have you become a Black Belt? Mail! Me!
    ;/! O_O TELL ME!!!!!

  3. i went into sensei mode and it’s like he is reading my mind…and copying me…
    edit by im a ligor :Yeah, for him not to do that you HAVE TO be a black belt.

  4. heh. the new game is fun. i killed z dude and slip, 😛
    ..and then they killed me.
    I’m at a green belt, and slip is at a blue. unless she was playing all night or something..

  5. luv ur site
    can i be an authir
    i post VERY early

  6. actually the 10 power card is special. you get the fire, water or snow only one

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